Mr. Barletta's K-1st Grade Computer Classes

The k-1st curriculum is all about getting to know the computer and having fun with their learning. In these grades the students explore the computer and the Internet to become more comfortable with the machines that are becoming a more important part of their Learning.

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
TinyTap - Educational Games
ABCya! | Educational Computer Games
PBS Kids

Sheppard Software
VA Kids Games & Activities
The First Thanksgiving
Life in the White House

Welcome to GameGoo


Ancient Egyptian Pictures Gallery
Egypt's Golden Empire
NOVA Online/Pyramids
National Kindergarten Alliance
Fun & Games / Easter / Easter Eggs
Easter Egg Game
Free worksheets and lesson plans for teachers and parents
City Map Reading Activity #1
Label the External Spider Anatomy Diagram
Label Bat External Anatomy Diagram
Super Hyper Spider Typer
Dance Mat Typing


Kinderweb Free Children's Games
Writing Guide and Alphabet Archives
Fun & Games


LITTLE EXPLORERS makes surfing the Internet very easy. A picture-dictionary format is used to link to hundreds of carefully-chosen child-friendly sites around the world. Since the pictures are links, even pre-readers can surf with a minimum of help and guidance from their favorite adult.


1st Grade Country Studies
Internet resources for the study of countries done in first grade.


Kindergarten Literacy and Math
Online Interactive Web Sites


Thinkin' Things - Series
Highly creative programs that encourage kids to develop thinking skills.


Animal Printouts
Mammals on Yahoo! Kids Animals
Mammal Pictures
Your Favorite Animals
National Geographic Coloring Book: Animals, Pictures




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