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The Following is a list of links that I consider to be very valuable resources in and out of the classroom.

I encourage you to browse through them and to utilize them to enhance your lessons, assignments, etc.


Best of the Best General Education
English Fun Learning PE Geography Rain Forests
Legal Issues Math Science Special Ed Critical Thinking
Technology Tips for Teachers United States African American History












Best Of The Best
Education World Education World is the home for educators on the internet, embracing everyone interested in education-- teachers, administrators, parents, and students. This free site is a resource that helps the education community use the internet. The web site holds the internet's largest education-specific search engine, linking to over 120,000 education-related sites. The search engine is appropriate for all ages and searchable by subject or grade level. Education World also offers weekly original content -- lesson planning activities, curriculum ideas, education site reviews, worldwide education employment listings, forums, education news, and many other features to assist the education community online.
EdGate Copernicus Copernicus strives to bring teachers, parents, and students the best educational sites the Internet has to offer.
EduHound EduHound is an all K-12 education search engine that breaks a huge link library into more than 30 different sections, including "Administration," "Technology," "Grants and Funding" and "Lesson Plans." Links are conveniently listed in alphabetical order for quick referencing. The site also offers the ease of keyword searches to find exactly what you need.
Lightspan Lightspan, Inc., a provider of curriculum-based educational software and Internet products and services, is guided by a simple principle: there is no limit to what students can achieve when provided with tools that motivate them to learn. That's why Lightspan is dedicated to improving student academic achievement by providing educational resources that can enhance learning in schools and students' homes.
TeachersFirst TeachersFirst is a collection of Internet resources and lesson plans drawn from around the world. Each resource is selected and reviewed by one of TeachersFirst� reviewers, all of whom have classroom teaching experience. Reviewed resources are grouped by subject and grade level, so that teachers can find what they need quickly.
The New York Times Learning Network The site provides, free of charge, a daily lesson plan and comprehensive interactive resources based on newspaper content.
TeacherVision TeacherVision.com is an on-line community of teachers that provides resources and lesson plans specifically designed for teachers, by teachers, in an easy-to-use, convenient format. TeacherVision.com also provides an environment for teachers to share their ideas, opinions, and techniques with their colleagues across the country.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Kathy Chock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth. It is updated daily to keep up with the tremendous number of new World Wide Web sites.
Classroom Connect Get the most out of the Internet with this free community resource for educators. Share insights, find new lesson plans, or visit the links to all of our materials for educators.
Teachertube TeacherTube - Teach the World | Teacher Videos | Lesson Plan Videos | Student Video Lessons | Online Teacher Made Videos |















General Education
The Mailbox Creates teacher ideas, educational products, and magazines for elementary school teachers. Order teaching supplies online. Get free holiday activities and free lesson plans from our magazines.
The Internet Information Desk: Library and K-12 Resources on the Net The Groton Public Schools Internet Information Desk bookmark file is a meta-list of websites, organized by subject and accompanied by thumbnail site descriptions. The IID was developed to aid in accessing the wealth of information on the Internet.
Finding Education Resources on the WWW
U.S. Department of Education
National Library of Education
Strategies for Empowering Student
The Gateway to Educational Materials Teachers, parents, administrators can still search or browse The Gateway and find high quality educational materials, including lesson plans, activities, and projects
Teacher Magazine
abc school supply online!
Classroom Teacher Network Where teachers go for answers. Now there's an online community for teachers who are interested in putting technology to use in the classroom.
ozline - Working the Web for Education
Microsoft Lesson Connection
Scholastic Books
Apple K-12 Web Links
Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources This directory of K-12 WWW Educational Resources has been developed for teachers and students of the K-12 community. It is to intended to be a list where teachers can quickly access resource materials for direct use in their lesson plans or as additional resources for students to explore.
The AskERIC Virtual Library Lesson Plans
Cisco's Virtual Schoolhouse
Columbia Education Center's Mini Lessons
Computer Curriculum Corporation Free resources for K-12 teachers, including information on putting together technology plans; a directory of education newsgroups and mail lists; and links to sites on grant writing, education standards, and more.
Pioneer New Media Technologies Resources for incorporating multimedia tools into lesson plans across the curriculum.
Curricular Resources and Networking Projects
Discovery Channel School
Education World
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence A free Web site providing hundreds of searchable teaching and learning resources from across 35 federal government agencies.
Global Schoolhouse (GSH)
Houghton Mifflin Education Place
Houghton Mifflin Company
IBM K-12 Education
McGraw-Hill School Division Resource Village
NetSchool Web helps K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms by providing free standards-based lesson plans, classroom activities, and online workshops.
PBS TeacherSource An online inventory of more than 1,000 free lesson plans, teacher guides and other activities designed to complement PBS television programs.
Practice Taking Apart and Reassembling Computers
Reach Every Child The Horace Mann Companies and National Teacher's Hall of Fame inductee Alan Haskvitz have teamed up to create this site including more than 5,000 educational resources for all academic subjects.
School.Net School.Net, a web full of educational information, links to schools, Internet help, and more-- perfect for teachers, students, and parents
The Schoolhouse Containing over 10,000 links to some of the best educational resources on the Internet, The Library in the Sky guides teachers, students, parents, librarians, and members of the community on their journeys through cyberspace.
Vose School Education Resources Page
Web Sites and Resources for Teachers
World Education Exchange
Common Errors in English A guide to proper language use and abuse.
Elementary Grammar A guide to those important rules people always forget.
Guide to Grammar and Writing This comprehensive Web site covers the most commonly missed grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules. Use this as a supplement to your regular grammar curriculum, or assign it to your students for self-review this summer. Start with sentence-level grammar, and then advance to paragraph- and essay-level tips. There are even examples for writing letters, business documents, and research papers.
Grammar Lady Find answers to most of your English grammar questions. If you can't find the answer you seek, you can also post your question for the Grammar Lady.
English: SCORE Cyberguides Cyberguides are "supplementary, standards-based, Web-delivered units of instruction" created to correspond to literary works commonly studied in schools. Choose the K-3 or 4-5 links for a list of works. Then access discussion questions, activities, suggested Web sites, standards, grading rubrics, and more to help you link your language arts teaching to the Web.
SchoolHouse Rock Lots of catchy tunes here help you learn about grammar, America, mathematics, science, and computers. You'll need RealAudio.
Understanding English This page may be able to help you with your English grammar or spelling.
Vocabulary Cab Improve your vocabulary by learning the definitions and Greek and Latin roots of common.
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant Paradigm is an interactive, menu-driven, online writer's guide and handbook written in HTML and distributed freely over the WWW. It works on frames-capable browsers, using hypertext structure to create a web of links and text frames that you can navigate quickly and easily by clicking your desired choice.








The Learning Page Teachers, Parents, Homeschoolers� this is the place for free worksheets, lesson plans, activities and more. All resources are downloadable and printable. And best of all, they're free! The curriculum is written and designed for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade students.
Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castle Constructed to be a safe, educational, free and fun place for kids ages 8-16 on the World Wide Web. Kids' Castle features articles written about the things that interest kids today: sports, history, the arts, travel, science and air and space, all with great photos. There are message boards filled with questions to get kids from all over the world talking to each other and thinking creatively. And, of course, Kids' Castle has lots of fun and challenging games and contests.
ZOOM ZOOM is produced by WGBH for PBS. and is powered by the 570,485 kids who sent in stuff so far. It is a fun site that is also educational. There is lots of material for parents as well.
Surfing the Net with Kids Barbara J. Feldman, a former computer consultant and programmer, put together this website to make searching for educational less time consuming and more fun. She also writes a syndicated column "Surfing the Net with Kids" in newspapers nationally.
Create Art With ArtEdventures What is cubism? Which civilization invented paper? What is the difference between analogous colors and complementary colors? Visit this art education site that includes an interactive timeline and glossary, color wheel, and lots information about the elements and the principles of art. Be sure to check out the "Timeline of Art," where you can read about the progression of art from primitive to post-modern, complete with illustrations. You'll also read about many different artists, styles, media, art concepts, and elements and principles of art. Try hands-on activities in the "Create Art" section, or browse the site's online galleries of student and professional artwork. You'll find loads of activities, lesson plans, teaching tips, and technique practice that will help you integrate technology into non- traditional courses.
Online educational activities at Syvum


Funschool Geography Games Nestled among dozens of educational Java games for third to sixth graders are four geography games. On this page, you'll find Capital Field Trip, Flag Flags and Where in the World? U.S. State Detective ("Where is Illinois? No, that's Wisconsin.") is a click away on page four. Young children can play these games to learn the capitals, flags, countries and states. Older children can play timed games, racing against the clock to identify all the components of each game.
Geography Place Start your geography lesson by choosing a region of the world, and studying the interactive maps which name each country asyour mouse passes over it. When you're ready for the games,each region has three to choose from: Find Game ("Where is Finland?"), Quiz Game ("This country is famous for its clocks.") or Word Game (a hangman-like word guessing game). My favorite click? Quiz Game, but remember you must choose a region before you'll see the game choices.
Mapit Zapit "The Mapit Zapit Game has thirteen different maps: one map shows the United States, and the twelve others show different parts of the world. For each map, the game works the same way. The object of the game is to earn points by clicking a state or country name in its correct geographic bed on the map." This fast-moving Java game from ePlay can be played at four levels of difficulty, keeps track of your best scores and is my pick of the day!
National Geographics Get interactive features, maps, photography, news, kids stuff, educators materials, forums, etc... There is something for everyone. Definitely a site to have bookmarked.
Where is That? "The game where your mind is your map." Choose from seven maps and five levels of difficulty. Level one starts with multiple choice questions ("Is this France, Russia or Germany?") Level five means spelling the country or state AND its capital city. But wait there's more! Hats off to Funbrain for including a two-player version, where each player can choose his own level of difficulty. And this marvelous game is Java-free, so it's compatible with older browsers and WebTV.



CyberSpace Law Center This site is designed to be an evolving resource for those interested in legal issues concerning cyberspace. It covers issues such as: Commerce, CyberCrimes, Cyberstalkings, Freedom of Expression, Censorship, Defamation, Spam... etc.











Harcourt Brace Math Glossary
Math.com - The World of Math Online "Students can find free homework help and lessons. Teachers can find lesson plans and great classroom resources. Parents can access information about family math activities and math products. And it's not all serious stuff - we have pages of cool math stuff, interactive math applets, and puzzles."
Arithmetic The goal of this site is to illustrate and provide free, online, interactive arithmetic exercises and problems. It contains a series of basic math lessons which are intended to be a resource that can be used by math students in formal elementary education math classes, home schooling or elsewhere.
Math Forum This site is great for students, teachers, & parents. There is help sections, discussion groups, problems, and much more.
Fractions in Pictures Here's a set of lesson plans that drill all aspects of fractions. These plans, geared toward fifth through eighth graders, focus on recognizing fractions, understanding equivalent fractions, and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractional amounts.
MathStories.com Word problems can stump even the best math students. This site contains over 2,000 word problems for students in grades 1-8. Search for problems by grade level and activity, then print out your favorite worksheets to hand out in class. Although the majority of problems focus on math principles, a few teach science, history, and literature concepts.
Economics America: Online Lessons If you teach economics or simply want to introduce economics into your curriculum, you'll find this database of lesson ideas to be a great resource. Search through the lessons by title, grade level, concept, or standard. The lessons cover everything from understanding supply and demand to conducting a cost/benefit analysis.
If you teach economics, check out EcEdWeb EcEdWeb, a collection of online economics resources for K-12 teachers. The site contains links, teaching materials, lesson plans, and ideas for using technology to teach economics.
Puzzling and Perplexing Problems Each month, this site provides new math problems that relate to the current season and/or holidays. Especially for middle schoolers, these activities are typically word problem worksheets that can be printed out for in-class use. The topics center around events, such as a major snowfall or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and drill a variety of mathematical concepts. Great for a comprehensive review before standardized tests or final exams!
Riverdeep.net You've arrived at a one-of-a-kind Internet Portal for teachers, students, and families. Join the global community of educators, students and parents for the best educational experience anytime, anywhere. You're invited to: visualize an earthquake at our EarthPulse Center, experience state-of-the-art education through Destination Math, and perform science experiments in the Logal SimLibrary.




Hoagies' Gifted Education Page Hoagies' Gifted Education Page is a comprehensive resource guide for education of gifted children. It's full of great information, with links to the most complete, easiest to use, resources on nearly every aspect of gifted education available on the Internet, plus lots of annotations and first hand information provided by parents facing the same challenges that you are facing.
LD Online This primer on learning disabilities is a must read for educators, parents, and other adults who are dealing with different learning styles. Along with an exhaustive A-Z analysis of the various types of learning differences, LD also provides bulletin boards, in-depth articles on relevant issues (self-esteem, stress management, and tips for families, schools, and teachers), and a delightful KidZone for LD kids to play and learn. Regular updates add vitality and timeliness.


















The Annenberg/CPB Project The nation's leader in helping colleges, universities, high schools and community organizations use telecommunications technologies to improve learning for all students, including the growing number of older and part-time students, and informal learners in their homes. During the last sixteen years, the Project has dramatically influenced the way millions of Americans and thousands of educational institutions use public television and video. The Annenberg/CPB Project has also pioneered the use of computer and information technologies to make education more accessible for all students.
The TELUS Learning Connection This a site where educators can assess, create, and share Internet resources to integrate into the K-12 curriculum. Join projects, share research strategies, and take advantage of professional growth opportunities, mentoring programs, and communication technologies.
Excel Easy We offer a tutorial (Introduction, Basics, Functions, Data Analysis and VBA) on how to use Excel. Below you can find an overview of all chapters. Want to learn much more about Excel? You can find related examples and features (300 Examples) on the right side of each chapter. We keep it easy!
Techlearning Serving educators with ideas, tools, and resources for integrating technology into the K-12 school, classroom and curriculum. techlearning.com is produced by Technology & Learning Magazine, the Well Connected Educator and SchoolTech Expo & Conference, with contributions from hundreds of teachers, administrators and other experts in the field.
Journal of Technology Education Look through the Digital Library archives to find professional articles relating to technology in education. You may read the articles by volume, or make a search for a specific topic.
The Lesson Plans Page The Lesson Plans Page is a collection of over 450 lesson plans, primarily at the elementary level, that were developed by myself, students, and faculty at The University of Missouri, and more recently, lesson plans that were submitted by the users of this web site. This site was developed to assist educators of all types. Elementary school teachers get lesson plans that are ready to use in their classrooms. College students get great example lesson plans or ideas to base their own lesson plans on. Home schoolers can get lesson plans to use at home and parents can get ideas for educational activities to use with their children.
LSU WebQuests Here there is a large selection of WebQuests available. These have all been created by students at LSU.
The New York Times Learning Network Beehive Here is your opportunity to ask other teachers and educational professionals any question you might have. Usually you get a response promptly, and many of the answers are very valuable. Also, if you sign up, you can also chose to answer some of the questions others are asking as well.
Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers It is a well organized web page with a multitude of tips for integrating technology into the classroom. It also has many useful ideas for using technology to help with classroom organization.
Electronic School Magazine Welcome to Electronic School, the award-winning technology magazine for K-12 school leaders. Electronic School is published quarterly as a print and online supplement to American School Board Journal, in cooperation with the Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education (ITTE), a program of the National School Boards Association. Electronic School chronicles technological change in the classroom, interprets education issues in a digital world, and offers readers -- some 80,000 school board members, school administrators, school technology specialists, and other educators -- practical advice on a broad range of topics pertinent to the implementation of technology in elementary and secondary schools throughout North America.
Education with New Technologies Welcome to Education with New Technologies (ENT). This networked community is designed to help educators develop powerful learning experiences for students through the effective integration of new technologies. Computers, the Internet, and other tools offer the promise of significant improvements in teaching and learning, but fulfilling that promise can be difficult. Through this ENT website, you will have access to thoughtful colleagues, interactive tools, detailed examples of technology-enhanced education, and a valuable collection of on-line resources. The site will help you navigate the expanding territory of new educational technologies with guidance from established principles for teaching and learning (e.g. Teaching for Understanding) through processes for integrating new technologies.
T.H.E. Journal Magazine
Technology Review MIT's Magazine of Innovation
Milken Exchange on Education Technology
Integrating the Internet
Internet Connections










States Presidents
The American Presidency This site contains the New Book of Knowledge for grades 3-8, presidential flip cards w/ fun facts, an exhibit hall of presidents w/ sound bytes of speeches and music of the presidency, and many other links.
President's Day WebQuest This is a good webquest to be used for Presidents' Day.
Presidents This area is an index on the presidents of the United States and contains information and documents of their speeches, writings, biographies and anything else related to their person or the office they are holding.
Presidents of the United States In this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site.
Government/Politics This is a comprehensive site that addresses issues of our government from the birth of this country until the present. It is a very good source for information and research.
Internet's Best Government Information Site! GovSpot links you to thousands of sites, from online government sites covering the executive, judicial, and legislative branches, to local, state, and world government sites, to the arts, historic documents, museums, libraries, education sites, defense, transportation, policy issues, political debate, news, and all forms of media. If you're interested in finding out more about any aspect of American government, including Election 2000, we suggest you check out this site!
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Join Ben Franklin as he guides your class through an overview of the American government system. For sixth through eighth graders, the site offers information on the branches of government, lawmaking, citizenship, elections, and federal/state government relationships. Let the class attempt word puzzles and read major government documents while you check out the site's curriculum links and recommended online government sites for kids.
Stately Knowledge These web pages will help you find out the basic facts of any state in the Union, including Washington, D.C. Need to know the capital of Alabama? Want to know which hockey teams are in California? How about the size of Montana? All that information is here -- and more!
US Presidential Elections





African American History
Teaching African-American History This site contains links, lesson plans and more for developing meaningful lessons in conjuction with Black History Month as well as being a resource for exploring African American History throughout the year.
The Britannica Guide to Black History Supplement your Black History Month lesson plans with this online study guide. Six sections focus on different aspects of African-American history, such as slavery, sports, and music. Each section links to a variety of relevant Britannica biographies, definitions, and images, and then provides several discussion questions and activities to use in class.
The Internet African American History Challenge This quiz comes just in time for Black History Month. Let your students discover twelve of America's greatest African Americans, from Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth to Frederick Douglass and John Mercer Langston. Once your students have read the biographies, invite them to select a quiz from three difficulty levels. Free registration allows you to track each student's progress online.





Physical Education
Get Fit With PE Central PE Central calls itself the ultimate web site for health and physical education teachers, parents, and students. You'll find the latest information about contemporary, developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and youth. Plus you'll find information about assessments, health and physical education lesson ideas, job announcements, links to the top sport and instructional sites on the web, wellness tips, and instant activities that change on a weekly basis. The lesson plans you'll see include ideas for instant activities to get classes off to a good start. You may also use the site for reference in teaching health, nutrition, hygiene, growth and development, environmental health, and first aid.
Sports Part of a growing Co-Curricular Channel, the School Athletics Center is a place where educators, coaches, students, and parents can find sport-by-sport site reviews and high-quality articles and information about coaching, character-building, and athletics. The School Athletics Center is sponsored by Griffin Publishing Group, an Official Licensee of the United States Olympic Committee.



e-Tutor Virtual Learning (http://www.e-tutor.com)