4th-5th Grades

The Curriculum for the 4th and 5th grades is one of integration and adaptation. Both grades develop typing and writing skills. The 4th grade through automated programs like Type to Learn and 5th grade through creative writing exercises that require them to create stories from images viewed. Each grade is completely immersed in PowerPoint. The 4th grade for integrated projects related to Georgia History and Westward Expansion. The 5th grade again uses PowerPoint more independently, creating presentations on technology topics of their choice.  Publisher in the other main program used by these grades. With 4th grade making Colonial Newspapers and 5th grade creating travel brochures for their immigration unit.

Corporal Works of Mercy

WWF Endangered Species
Your Favorite Animals
A to Z Index of Animals
Endangered Species Guide : Animal Planet
Defenders of Wildlife - Kids' Planet
The Learning Zone: Extinct & Endangered
Animal Library


Numbers I   Numbers II   Numbers III

Los Numbers (1-50)
Spanish Numbers
Coffee Shop
Online ad-Lib Word Games
XtraMath: Master Basic Math Facts
Perimeter and Area

Growth of a Nation
Order of Statehood
The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary
Label the Computer
The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs
The Second Adventure of The Three CyberPigs

Typing Test
Typing Test New
Dance Mat Typing
Free online Typing course
Speed Typing Test
Typing Test: Home

Latitude And Longitude Map Match Game
World: Latitudes and Longitudes - Map Quiz Game
Section 1: Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude - interactive skill builder

USA Geography - Map Game - Geography Online Games
4th Grade Geography
United States Map Quiz
Maps.com -- Map Games
United States Map Puzzle - U.S. States and Capitals

Citation Machine
Citation Machine is an interactive web tool designed to assist high school, college, and university students, their teachers, and independent researchers in their effort to respect other people's intellectual properties.

Number the Stars Padlet
Research and Inquiry Worksheet
First Woman Justice of the Peace in America
Figurative Language Vocabulary
Voyages in English Writing and Grammar Program- Loyola Press
The Colossus of Rhodes
Break the Code
Navajo Code Talkers and the Unbreakable Code
Fact Sheets | American Cetacean Society

4th and 5th Grade Science
Sites for both 4th and 5th grade science classes.
5th Grade Science

Plate Tectonics

The Pangaea Webquest

How Landslides Work

Erosion Videos

Orion Constellation

Newton's Three Laws of Motion


Redbone Coonhound

Science - Scotland - Shadows


Science Facts Careers

The Sun, the Earth & the Moon - WEBQUEST

Marie Curie and The Science of Radioactivity
Marie Curie - Biographical

States of Matter

Elements as Building Blocks
Melting and Boiling
States of Matter-Purdue

Science - Interactive Learning Sites for Education

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - A Microorganisms WebQuest

Heart Facts

Animal Classification Webquest

Cell Parts Worksheet

A Kids' Guide to Composting

Kid's Corner Electricity

What is an ecosystem?
The Earth's Biosphere
Jungle Jeopardy . PLUM LANDING
Biosphere: Ecosystems
Earth Floor: Biomes
Ecosystem Facts for KidsEasy Science
World Biomes: Table of Contents
Biome/Habitat Animal Facts

Dynamic Periodic Table
The Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements
Compound Machines
Park World
Ocean Odyssey
3M Science of Everyday Life
Science topics for children
BBC - KS2 Bitesize: Science

Social Studies
These web sites are for Social Studies.



Castography - Fifth Grade Map Making Project

Caribbean Islands

GPB Divided Nation

Welcome to the Civil War Webquest

The Industrial Revolution

World War II

PBS Money


The Incredible Incas


Landforms of the World
The Study of Our Earth
Illustrated Glossary: Landforms
Types of Landforms
United States Landforms
List of landforms

American Revolution Battles
Colonial Williamsburg: Electronic Field Trips: Westward!
A Day in the Life: Student Interactives: Dress the Part
History Games

Explore the Colonial Period of our history through the Internet. You'll find maps, lesson plans, bibliographies and curriculum content materials here.

Colonial House
Life in New England
A Colonial Family and Community
Cultures Meet
13 Originals
The 13 Colonies
The 13 American Colonies Part 1: Coming to America
Colonial America 1600-1775
Life in Colonial America
History of the USA
Overview of Colonial America 1607 - 1754
Thirteen Colonies - Wikipedia
Colonial history of the United States - Wikipedia

Newspaper writing 101
A web site for the study of newspapers.
Awesome America
USA Travel Postcards Directory
State Information
Geography and Climate of the 50 States
Facts about Canada's ten provinces
Provinces of Canada
Canada Photos and Pictures

Language Arts

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